100 Fun Things to do with Jessica in Montana

    1. Build a bicycle at Freecycle
    2. Volunteer at The Pavarolo Center
    3. Peddle around Missoula on the Thirst Gear touring bars
    4. Hike up Blue Mountain to the observatory
    5. Attend at wine and art painting party at Painting with a Twist
    6. Volunteer to help bottle Vodka at Montgomery Distillery
    7. Listening to local bands at Out To Lunch in Caras Park
    8. Do some indoor rock climbing at Freestone Climbing Center
    9. Dine and Dash at Iron Horse
    10. Throw pennies into the fountain at Southgate Mall
    11. Folf at Blue Mountain
    12. Soak in the natural springs at Jerry Johnson hot springs
    13. Turning in loose change at Missoula Federal Credit Union
    14. Play bar trivia at Pressbox
    15. Dig for Saphires in Philipsburg, MT
    16. Celebrate 4th of July at Fort Missoula
    17. Attend a city council meeting
    18. Win free concert tickets to Big Sky Brewery Summer Concert Series
    19. Eat out at Happy Hour at the Top Hat
    20. Hike the L trail on Mount Jumbo
    21. Build sand castles along the Clark Fork River
    22. Attend a Missoula Maulers Hockey Game
    23. Listen to Ghost Tales in Missoula Cemetary
    24. Run the Missoula Marathon
    25. Pan for gold in the Bitterroot River
    26. Follow the day of the dead parade downtown
    27. Float from East Missoula back to Kiwanis Park
    28. Take a cooking class at Good Food Store
    29. Rent stand up paddle boards
    30. Pig out at BaconFest at Missoula County Fairgrounds
    31. Ride the water slides at Splash Mountain
    32. Listen to Missoula Symphony in the Park
    33. Clark Fork Famers Market on Saturday Mornings
    34. Take out books at Missoula Public Library
    35. Star gazing on the top of south hills
    36. Snowboarding at Snowbowl
    37. Fly a kite in Bonner Park
    38. Play fetch at Jabobs Island dog park
    39. Make a snowman on the oval at University of Montana
    40. Visit Missoula Butterfly House and Insectarium during feeding time
    41. Play poker at The Oxford
    42. Hike Mount Sentinel M Trail
    43. Snow shoeing in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area
    44. Explore the German Heritage with GermanFest in Caras Park
    45. Support the LGBT Community at LoveFest in Caras Park
    46. Go camping in Glacier National Park
    47. Try fly fishing in the Clark Fork River
    48. Have a picnic lunch at Caras Park
    49. Donate old clothes to Goodwill
    50. Tour the museum at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
    51. Try and bowl at perfect 300 at West Side Lanes
    52. Eat free food samples at Costco on Reserve
    53. Take a beginners yoga class at the Yoga Fitness Center
    54. Borrow some kids for a trip to the Childrens Muesum
    55. Folf at Pattee Canyon
    56. Turning in scrap metal at Pacific Steel
    57. Plant vegetables in a community garden
    58. Take a backcountry skiing safety class at REI
    59. Walk around the Missoula County Fair
    60. Play horse shoes at Franklin Park
    61. Collecting and pressing Fall Leaves
    62. Go to Stand Up Comedy at The Union Club
    63. Panhandle for spare change in front of Liquid Planet
    64. Sing Karaoke at West Side Lanes
    65. Play Chess against the Octopus at Liquid Planet
    66. Walk around enjoying local art on First Friday
    67. Watch Ice Carving during First Night downtown
    68. Drink green beer and celebrate St. Pattys Day
    69. Swim in Boulder Lake in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area
    70. Float the Blackfoot river from Lolo back to Missoula
    71. Tackle the competition at Maggot Fest
    72. Go thrift shopping at Goodwill
    73. Go cross country skiing at Lolo Peak
    74. Get free samples at Big Dipper
    75. Drink free wine during First Friday Art Walk
    76. Enter the haunted house at the fair grounds
    77. Bike along the Hiawatha Trail
    78. Attend a Missoula Osprey Baseball game
    79. Take a selfie with the mannequin at Desmond’s
    80. Drop into the bowl at Mobash skate park
    81. Paint some pottery at Zootown Arts Center
    82. Play skeeball at The Hub
    83. Play BINGO at the senior center
    84. Ride the Carousel in Caras Park
    85. Do a coffee tasting at Black Coffee Roasting, Co.
    86. Take a Selfie at Mile Marker 0 at the Idaho border
    87. Take a dance class at Downtown Dance Collective
    88. Crash at Wedding at Missoula Winery
    89. Go ice fishing on Flathead Lake
    90. Go geocaching around Missoula
    91. Play Bottle Cap Bingo at Thomas Meagher Bar
    92. Photograph wildlife on Blue Mountain
    93. Go kart racing at The Hub
    94. Drive through the Bison Range
    95. Volunteer to walk dogs at the Hamilton Humane Society
    96. Watching 4th of July fireworks from the top of Mount Sentinel
    97. Hike to Garnet Ghost Town
    98. Try ice skating at Glacier Ice Rink
    99. Try surfing at Brendan’s Wave in the Clark Fork River

Photo Credit: Evan Lovely

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Amazing Missoula Photography

Check out some local Missoula Photography

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Win a Limited Edition 18 x 24 Missoula MADE fair poster

Contribute to our website by signing up to be a contributor and writing a post OR like/share the poster post on facebook and we will enter you in for a chance to win this limited edition poster!

Offer valid through Wednesday, June 26th. Name will be drawn Thursday, June 27th, 2013 and winner will be notified via facebook or email (depending on if you are a contributor or shared/liked the poster on Missoula Online facebook).

You can also learn more about the Missoula MADE fair poster artist Courtney Blazon here.


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Missoula’s Best Hidden Menu Dessert

Attending the Grand Opening today of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Missoula, Montana. And standing in one of the longest lines I have stood in for food in Missoula, to get the same meal I ate last week, for a few bucks cheaper, I had a realization. They have both a self service Soft Serve Machine and Free Refill Soda Fountain. Put them together, and what do you get? A menu item that was removed from the menu at Break Espresso a few years ago, and can be had at a few places around town, but none with as many free refills as one can handle. That is the wonderful beverage concoction, the Root Beer Float.

Ice Cream and Cup (2)


Combined Free Vanilla Soft Serve into the “Big Yellow Cup”, and top with Root Beer, Coke or for the adventurous, Dr. Pepper. Refill as needed, and don’t forget to top it off for the ride home.

Anyone else have hidden menu items they love in Missoula?

Order online and Skip the Line:


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Summer MADE fair coming right up!

The alternative arts and crafts market that was started 7 years ago by Carol Lynn Lapotka, owner of REcreate designs, grows more and more each year. The artists are unique in their styles and showcase what Missoula is all about. We don’t need to say a whole lot as the made fair poster illustrated by Courtney Blazon speaks for itself. There will be food and drink vendors as well so if you have a hungry belly or need to quench your thirst while you shop that won’t be a problem. Don’t miss out!

Missoula MADE fair summer 2013

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REcreate designs

Our VERY FIRST business feature with a special offer is from REcreate designs a local (and of course fantastic) company started by Carol Lynn Lapotka.

A quick overview of who they are and a special offer just for Missoula Onliners!

REcreate history
REcreate designs was founded in Madison, WI. After years of making unique, handmade holiday gifts for friends and family, founder Carol Lynn Lapotka began producing one-of-a-kind creations for local craft and street fairs. Carol Lynn studied art, design, and environmental studies at Edgewood College, and in 2005 she transformed these interests into a business.

how REcreate does it
REcreate designs is a collection of clothing, books, bags, and accessories made from upcycled bits and pieces. Raw materials are sourced from thrift and second-hand outlets and repurposed into one-of-a-kind products. We reclaim and breathe new life into cast-off scraps. We see things not as they are, but what they can become.

where REcreate design magic happens
Once a one-person operation housed in an apartment basement, REcreate designs has expanded into a 750 square-foot production space in the foothills of the Mission Mountains. We use industrial machinery to create a consistent and well-constructed product. We select, sort, and stow all of our materials within the studio and maintain a tidy work space…most of the time.

Your special offer!
Get down to the farmers market sometime this summer and show REcreate this coupon to save!

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Become a Contributor!

Missoula, MT – there is no place like it. From outdoor activities to nightlife there are so many unique places that we should be sharing and discovering. So become a contributor and help us build the insider’s guide to Missoula! We appreciate your help and at some point will offer contributors goodies (prizes from local businesses, etc.). For now, we would love your help adding content to Missoula Online so we can share the uniqueness of Missoula!

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How to Escape Missoula, on the Cheap

2 Best ways to get out of Missoula on the cheap, are Greyhound and Allegiant Airlines. Both can get you out of Missoula for under $100.

Having traveled across the country multiple times on Greyhound, it is not luxary, but it is cost effective. With 21 days advance notice, Greyhound tickets can be super cheap. The closer to your departure date you pick up ticket, the more you will pay. 14 days is good, 21 days is preferable. Its recommended to bring a book, ear plugs and pillow, especially as you get closer to the coast. Traveling through the heartlands is nice and relaxing.

The 2nd method is Allegiant Airlines, a boutique travel company, serving secondary markets, like Missoula Airport. They only travel to major destinations from minor destinations. So currently you can fly to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The tickets start at $50 each way or less, and are truly a no frills airline. They have minimal snacks and beverages available during the flight, but they are all for sale, no complementary snacks or soda.

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Best Donuts in Missoula, Part #2

This is a rant, on many levels. I’m not going to sugar coat or glaze over the issues. When a business opens to sell donuts, it needs to know how to make donuts, and how fast it can make them. If a business can’t stay open, then don’t open.


It may sound clever to say, we are open at 6am, and close when we run out, but when that is before 9am. It’s not so clever, it is insulting, and wasteful. Maybe you didn’t do your homework, or maybe you did and thought things would be different. Missoula is strange town, we love the new and love the old, not a fan of recent stuff. The places that have been open for 20 plus years, or the place that just opened. The 2 to 5 year window is where many business cover up those windows never to be noticed again.

Why would you take 4 months perfecting your recipes, only to have no idea at the pace you can produce the donuts at? I know there are many establishments, The Pov, Nursing Homes, Elementary Schools, Airports, that you could have done a full production run of a few hundred donuts and dropped them off to very hungry individuals to both get free advertising and full tummies.

Instead you put up your giant sign, bring in your equipment, and leave a town in the dark. Your sign saying we will be open by the end of the month, and a few random posts on facebook attempting to get you to reveal your open date only lead to the suspense and disappointment as the full month came and went without a donut hole in sight. When opening day finally came, so did the crowds, but I wonder having arrived after the donuts where gone, what happened? Did you not realize limits might be good? why would you let a single individual order 3 dozen? or even a dozen? Let people have a few, to meet the demand, not sell out in a few hours.

On black Friday, you don’t see someone putting 10 Playstations into their cart at Bestbuy, no there are limits. Maybe that is something you can learn from Big box retailers, peoples eyes are bigger then their stomachs, and will buy more then they need, just to falsely inflate the market demand and make others go without.

Now onto the actual donuts, being determined and hungry, I knew at some point I would have the chance to try out the goods, and let me just say, I was disappointed. With such a small display case, it appears like you can only produce a few varieties, which is fine, but then stick to the basics. I purchased 6 donuts, 2 of each, and felt they where not worth the wait. I felt the exotic flavors where overpowering, I didn’t think I was eating a donut, but rather a spoon full of mocha powder or vanilla bean extract. If I go by and see a Boston Creme, I will have to get a few, and maybe if they post their flavors of the day to facebook, there might be a few variations that would lure me in the door, but I will not become a regular of their pastries at this time.

So, where are the best donuts in Missoula? My choice is Orange Street Food Farm. I like them, they are cheap, available and great for dunkin’ in coffee. No fancy flavors or exotic ingredients, no long lines or disappointment and OSFF has some of the best prices on beer in Missoula.

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Folf, or Disc Golf for those not from Missoula

This is just a place holder stub, need to do a full write up on Folfing in Missoula. There are a few courses and some great events all around Missoula and Montana.

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