Win a Limited Edition 18 x 24 Missoula MADE fair poster

Contribute to our website by signing up to be a contributor and writing a post OR like/share the poster post on facebook and we will enter you in for a chance to win this limited edition poster!

Offer valid through Wednesday, June 26th. Name will be drawn Thursday, June 27th, 2013 and winner will be notified via facebook or email (depending on if you are a contributor or shared/liked the poster on Missoula Online facebook).

You can also learn more about the Missoula MADE fair poster artist Courtney Blazon here.


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Missoula’s Best Hidden Menu Dessert

Attending the Grand Opening today of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Missoula, Montana. And standing in one of the longest lines I have stood in for food in Missoula, to get the same meal I ate last week, for a few bucks cheaper, I had a realization. They have both a self service Soft Serve Machine and Free Refill Soda Fountain. Put them together, and what do you get? A menu item that was removed from the menu at Break Espresso a few years ago, and can be had at a few places around town, but none with as many free refills as one can handle. That is the wonderful beverage concoction, the Root Beer Float.

Ice Cream and Cup (2)


Combined Free Vanilla Soft Serve into the “Big Yellow Cup”, and top with Root Beer, Coke or for the adventurous, Dr. Pepper. Refill as needed, and don’t forget to top it off for the ride home.

Anyone else have hidden menu items they love in Missoula?

Order online and Skip the Line:

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Summer MADE fair coming right up!

The alternative arts and crafts market that was started 7 years ago by Carol Lynn Lapotka, owner of REcreate designs, grows more and more each year. The artists are unique in their styles and showcase what Missoula is all about. We don’t need to say a whole lot as the made fair poster illustrated by Courtney Blazon speaks for itself. There will be food and drink vendors as well so if you have a hungry belly or need to quench your thirst while you shop that won’t be a problem. Don’t miss out!

Missoula MADE fair summer 2013

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You could have your own mini superpowers

MissoulasWorms_MissoulaInsidersGuideSeriously, worms really are mini supers. They can clean up your trash, help your garden grow faster and healthier, and just enrich your life through their simple, yet powerful, ways of doing things.

I have gotten the chance to have chickens, bees, and worms and worms were my absolute favorite (bees are pretty close though but require land and more maintenance). Worms live a pretty carefree lifestyle other than you need to make sure to take out food particles if they start to mold and to feed them, which lets honestly hope you would remember that anyhow. Also, as surprising as it might seem, it can be refreshing to open their compost lids when you feed them and get a whiff of their freshly made compost. Another plus is they are slow movers and like to stay pretty cozied up so you don’t have to worry about them escaping, which can sometimes be a royal pain in the behind with other pets.

Anyhow, there is a wonderful company called Claudia’s Worms now selling compost kits that are pre-made, affordable, and available for you to start your own mini superpower community. She can also give you quite a bit of worm loving advice and help so if you are interested check out her site!

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We Secretly Own a Bike Shop

bike-hubI was walking down the street one day minding my own business, when I decided to go sit on a bench at the bus transit station downtown.  Ok no, that is a lie.  I was meeting a witty and handsome person in a neutral downtown location. So far, we were an interesting match:  we could not come up with a plan for the date we were planning whilst not necessarily calling it a date. It was one of those. After texting many options back and forth, we settled on the weird  solution of high noon at the bus transfer center, downtown. Like cowboys. Who probably are on a date. But with busses.

I got there first.  As I sat there,  I surveyed our choice of locale. It was a Sunday.  The busses weren’t running.  Yet, I wasn’t alone. My fellow non-bussing station dwellers included a woman reading a book, and a pair of men  smoking cigarettes and discussing, oh, lets say global politics, in loud grizzly voices.  (I actually couldn’t understand them due to distance and mumbling.)

Now, I enjoy using the bus system. If you like to be kind of bored as someone else shlepps you around so you can stare out the window and pretend you are in a limo, try out the bus sometime. But I digress.

As my date scrambled to arrive as close to on time as possible, I was pondering the literary meaning of our location. Were we trying to say to each other,

“Hey.  I may be interested,  but I am sooo not trying to impress you.”

Or maybe,

“This could go in any direction.  You know, like the busses?  Besides, this isn’t actually a date – duhhh.  Unless I decide I like you.  Then we will be, like , foh shoh, getting on the bus that says DATE. ”

Anyway as I was sitting there thinking about how weird single life is, I looked over to my right.  And that’s when I got to the point of this article!

I saw the bike fixing station!  It’s a bike stand that you can put your bike on, and there are tools dangling off, and anyone can just bring their bike down there and fix it right there in the middle of downtown! For free!  How convenient and community oriented!  I love that kind of stuff so much, and I ride my bike a lot, and don’t have tools. The Mountain Line is already very bike-friendly with bike mounts on the fronts of all their busses, and patient bus drivers who will help you place your bike on the mount if needed.  They also work closely with Missoula in Motion, an organization that promotes biking, and offers contests, reward systems, and a pocket sized bike map of Missoula.

When my date/not-date finally arrived on his bike (he got points there), I asked him if he had ever noticed it. He said he had, and he saw much fanfare about it, but , in a disparaging tone, said he did not care (and thus lost the points).   So I dropped the subject and we went and had our lunch.

Later, I looked up the bike thing online, here. You should read about it. It’s called the Bike Den, and it’s a genius idea. The word Den may sound kind of seedy, like maybe bad things happen there. But I am pretty sure it is more like a Den for happy, bicycling bears.  This covered area allows you to fix bikes despite the weather, and even lock your bike up if you need to go get a burrito or a latte halfway through. Convenient! Community!  Bear theme!

It would be dreamy if ever they put another one in Bonner or Kiwanis Park.  Then, friends or family members could lounge around playing frisbee while you grumble at bolts and wrenches.  Or, wait! I mean vice versa!  In a park setting, one could make a picnic day of fixing kid bikes and playing in the splash deck. I also think it would be nice to be in a less car-filled area to ride around and test your repairs.

But downtown is a perfect location as far as centrality, for aiding one’s possible bike mishaps whilst pedaling to work,  and for its relationship to the busses. Mountain Line deserves big respect for that , plus it plans to add more bike racks to other stops around town, soon.  Hence, I maintain optimism about our bus line, and the future of bike riding in our idyllic little town.  (Get it?  Maintain? You’re welcome. )

As for my date..we recently had another one which involved BBQ along the river, with a pet turtle… be continued?

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The best place to get garlic breath…or fries I mean.

Garlic Fries at Tamarack Brewing CompanyEvery once in a while it is worth breaking down and having some garlic breath for a while right? The garlic and blue cheese fries at Tamarack are pretty much perfection when you are looking for some fries and garlic to gobble up. They also mix well with a beermosa too. As a nice topper the service has always been great and I am a Tamarack frequenter so the good service isn’t a fluke either – they are consistently wonderful!

If you gobble some up some Tamarack fries let me know what you think – hope you love ’em too!


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Action happy tastebuds

Egg salad sandwichA true love relationship has sparked with the Doctor Ruth egg salad sandwich (Doc’s Sandwich Shop) and I since I took my first bite a few weeks ago. It is rare that I crave an egg salad sandwich but when I reach the point of craving one, no matter how much I want it, they tend to fail somewhat miserably in the deliciousness department. Whether they are dry or just bland, they just don’t seem to pull it off for my tastebuds looking for a little more action. But, upon first bite into Doc Ruth, my tastebuds screamed, “this is exactly what we were looking for!”

The fresh egg salad sandwich is served on crisp multi grain bread, consists of mayo, lettuce, tomato, and is finished off with cream cheese. A delicious mid-day bite that is actually decently sized so if you are a light luncher could even be taken home for dinner too.

Hope you try one out and your tastebuds are as delighted as mine.

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How to Escape Missoula, on the Cheap

2 Best ways to get out of Missoula on the cheap, are Greyhound and Allegiant Airlines. Both can get you out of Missoula for under $100.

Having traveled across the country multiple times on Greyhound, it is not luxary, but it is cost effective. With 21 days advance notice, Greyhound tickets can be super cheap. The closer to your departure date you pick up ticket, the more you will pay. 14 days is good, 21 days is preferable. Its recommended to bring a book, ear plugs and pillow, especially as you get closer to the coast. Traveling through the heartlands is nice and relaxing.

The 2nd method is Allegiant Airlines, a boutique travel company, serving secondary markets, like Missoula Airport. They only travel to major destinations from minor destinations. So currently you can fly to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The tickets start at $50 each way or less, and are truly a no frills airline. They have minimal snacks and beverages available during the flight, but they are all for sale, no complementary snacks or soda.

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Folf, or Disc Golf for those not from Missoula

This is just a place holder stub, need to do a full write up on Folfing in Missoula. There are a few courses and some great events all around Missoula and Montana.

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Win Big at Montana Jacks

A hidden gem on South Ave. This little building houses a great little Montana style casino, and 15 table restaurant. It serves breakfast 7 days a week, and Breakfast until 1pm on Sunday. I highly recommend for the generous portions, friendly wait staff and very fast kitchen. Normally I wouldn’t complain about a kitchen being fast, but a few more minutes to finish the salad before the entree shows up wouldn’t hurt. They have great free quick wifi, use password: montanajacks.

16oz Prime Rib Special

Prime Rib served Friday and Saturday, starting at 4:30pm

Everything I have tried on the menu I have enjoyed, often times their specials are worth trying. The soup rotation is not really a rotation, but its nice to have a place in Montana to get clam chowder during the week, not just Fridays.

101 Degrees in Missoula, Montana July 2012

101 Degrees in Missoula, Montana July 2012

The casino has the typical selection for Missoula, with the state limit of $800 payout. Small beer selection, but if your looking for a cheap 2nd date, this place is worth trying.

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