Action happy tastebuds

Egg salad sandwichA true love relationship has sparked with the Doctor Ruth egg salad sandwich (Doc’s Sandwich Shop) and I since I took my first bite a few weeks ago. It is rare that I crave an egg salad sandwich but when I reach the point of craving one, no matter how much I want it, they tend to fail somewhat miserably in the deliciousness department. Whether they are dry or just bland, they just don’t seem to pull it off for my tastebuds looking for a little more action. But, upon first bite into Doc Ruth, my tastebuds screamed, “this is exactly what we were looking for!”

The fresh egg salad sandwich is served on crisp multi grain bread, consists of mayo, lettuce, tomato, and is finished off with cream cheese. A delicious mid-day bite that is actually decently sized so if you are a light luncher could even be taken home for dinner too.

Hope you try one out and your tastebuds are as delighted as mine.

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