Where in Missoula’s is the Best Donut?

It’s maybe a little unfair to write a review of a place that hasn’t been open for more then a week, and that I haven’t gotten a chance to taste their goods, but that is the joy of the internet. Here it goes.

Having closed as quickly as they have opened, arriving just 2 hours after the opening time on their first day, and they where SOLD OUT, I would have to say Missoula is very excited to try out this new donut provider. This town has lacked a source of quality reliable, fresh, round donuts. We scared Kripsy Kreme out as quickly as they came in, I recall they lasted about 5 months.

Now a few days after opening, they decide to shut down for a whole week, to hire more staff, increase production, and learn how to make enough donuts to hopefully stay open until noon.

Treasure State Donuts Boston Creme

Treasure State Donuts Boston Creme

For a place that has been in the works for 5 months, has a perfect location and huge demand, lets hope that all this excitement isn’t just a bubble, and will keep them open for many years to come.

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Where in Missoula's is the Best Donut?, 2.0 out of 4 based on 3 ratings