Best Donuts in Missoula, Part #2

This is a rant, on many levels. I’m not going to sugar coat or glaze over the issues. When a business opens to sell donuts, it needs to know how to make donuts, and how fast it can make them. If a business can’t stay open, then don’t open.


It may sound clever to say, we are open at 6am, and close when we run out, but when that is before 9am. It’s not so clever, it is insulting, and wasteful. Maybe you didn’t do your homework, or maybe you did and thought things would be different. Missoula is strange town, we love the new and love the old, not a fan of recent stuff. The places that have been open for 20 plus years, or the place that just opened. The 2 to 5 year window is where many business cover up those windows never to be noticed again.

Why would you take 4 months perfecting your recipes, only to have no idea at the pace you can produce the donuts at? I know there are many establishments, The Pov, Nursing Homes, Elementary Schools, Airports, that you could have done a full production run of a few hundred donuts and dropped them off to very hungry individuals to both get free advertising and full tummies.

Instead you put up your giant sign, bring in your equipment, and leave a town in the dark. Your sign saying we will be open by the end of the month, and a few random posts on facebook attempting to get you to reveal your open date only lead to the suspense and disappointment as the full month came and went without a donut hole in sight. When opening day finally came, so did the crowds, but I wonder having arrived after the donuts where gone, what happened? Did you not realize limits might be good? why would you let a single individual order 3 dozen? or even a dozen? Let people have a few, to meet the demand, not sell out in a few hours.

On black Friday, you don’t see someone putting 10 Playstations into their cart at Bestbuy, no there are limits. Maybe that is something you can learn from Big box retailers, peoples eyes are bigger then their stomachs, and will buy more then they need, just to falsely inflate the market demand and make others go without.

Now onto the actual donuts, being determined and hungry, I knew at some point I would have the chance to try out the goods, and let me just say, I was disappointed. With such a small display case, it appears like you can only produce a few varieties, which is fine, but then stick to the basics. I purchased 6 donuts, 2 of each, and felt they where not worth the wait. I felt the exotic flavors where overpowering, I didn’t think I was eating a donut, but rather a spoon full of mocha powder or vanilla bean extract. If I go by and see a Boston Creme, I will have to get a few, and maybe if they post their flavors of the day to facebook, there might be a few variations that would lure me in the door, but I will not become a regular of their pastries at this time.

So, where are the best donuts in Missoula? My choice is Orange Street Food Farm. I like them, they are cheap, available and great for dunkin’ in coffee. No fancy flavors or exotic ingredients, no long lines or disappointment and OSFF has some of the best prices on beer in Missoula.

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Where in Missoula’s is the Best Donut?

It’s maybe a little unfair to write a review of a place that hasn’t been open for more then a week, and that I haven’t gotten a chance to taste their goods, but that is the joy of the internet. Here it goes.

Having closed as quickly as they have opened, arriving just 2 hours after the opening time on their first day, and they where SOLD OUT, I would have to say Missoula is very excited to try out this new donut provider. This town has lacked a source of quality reliable, fresh, round donuts. We scared Kripsy Kreme out as quickly as they came in, I recall they lasted about 5 months.

Now a few days after opening, they decide to shut down for a whole week, to hire more staff, increase production, and learn how to make enough donuts to hopefully stay open until noon.

Treasure State Donuts Boston Creme

Treasure State Donuts Boston Creme

For a place that has been in the works for 5 months, has a perfect location and huge demand, lets hope that all this excitement isn’t just a bubble, and will keep them open for many years to come.

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