How to Escape Missoula, on the Cheap

2 Best ways to get out of Missoula on the cheap, are Greyhound and Allegiant Airlines. Both can get you out of Missoula for under $100.

Having traveled across the country multiple times on Greyhound, it is not luxary, but it is cost effective. With 21 days advance notice, Greyhound tickets can be super cheap. The closer to your departure date you pick up ticket, the more you will pay. 14 days is good, 21 days is preferable. Its recommended to bring a book, ear plugs and pillow, especially as you get closer to the coast. Traveling through the heartlands is nice and relaxing.

The 2nd method is Allegiant Airlines, a boutique travel company, serving secondary markets, like Missoula Airport. They only travel to major destinations from minor destinations. So currently you can fly to Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The tickets start at $50 each way or less, and are truly a no frills airline. They have minimal snacks and beverages available during the flight, but they are all for sale, no complementary snacks or soda.

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